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About the Dances
How do Short Courses work?
Each course focuses on a maximum of two dances in one style.

Classes run 1 night a week for 5 consecutive weeks.

Each class is 1 hour long and has a maximum of 20 people in it.

Short courses are offered for beginner, intermediate and advanced level dancers.
Do I need to bring a partner?     

No, you can come alone or bring a friend ! 


What level am I?

There are 4 levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced & performance.   
Each level builds on the last.

To book in for an intermediate or above course you need to have 
either completed the lower level courses with DanceFix OR have consulted with a DanceFix instructor who has indicated you would be comfortable entering the desired level course.
You can repeat a course as many times as you like to become comfortable with the content.     

Can I take more than one course at a time?

Absolutely! The ideal number is two as it helps prevent overload but you are not likely to get confused. We recommend you stick with dances in the same style as the technique, structure & body movements will be similar.

What dances can I learn?

Short courses in Street Latin may include:
*   Bachata
*   Argentine Tango

Short courses in Classic Latin may include:
*   Cha Cha
*   Rhumba
*   Samba
*   Mambo

Short courses in the Social Ballroom may include:
*   Ballroom Tango

Short courses in Swing may include:
4-step Swing   (the most basic version)               Technically this is East Coast Single Rhythm Swing 
*    6-step Swing  (often recognized as Rock n Roll)  Technically this is East Coast Double Rhythm Swing
*   8-step Swing    (often recognized as Jive)            Technically this is East Coast Triple Rhythm Swing 

When do the next courses start?

Check the course timetable for course start dates. 

While it's ideal to start in week one you can drop in casually at any time - don't worry, our instructors will look after you !

What if I miss a class?

If you think you might miss one the the classes in your chosen 5 week course(s) - you may prefer to pay casually as you go.

Please note that no credit or refunds are given for a missed class(es) and payments can't be transferred to another course.