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About the Dances

The Garfield Philosophy   


  "The best things in life are sleeping, eating and busting a move"

We love social dancing !!

For the fun, the fitness and the friends you can make ...



We believe:


        Social dancing should be comfortable, practical and fun.    

        The goal is to be able to dance with anyone, to any music, on any sized dance floor.


Instructors should be good dancers AND good teachers, they should be patient, understanding and have a good sense of humour.


A good learning environment   involves small classes, personalized attention, appropriate music and minimal distractions.


A good teaching system  involves well structured and connected lessons, a consistent syllabus with practical steps for social dancing, and opportunities to consolidate, revise and practice.




We want to get everybody dancing !!

No matter what their time and budget availability is ...

or how many left feet they have :)