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Unlike the International Competition Style of dancing there is no standardised set of steps or accreditation program for freestyle dancing.


Real life social dancing is quite different to the performances we see on TV or at competitions. It requires a lot of spontaneity and adaptability - depending much more on practical partnership skills than on performance and technique. Social environments are unpredictable, spontaneous and creative environments, so it is no surprise that new variations on old moves are developed all the time!


However, you do find that most steps are reasonably similar across the various studios.  Each studio trains instructors in their own syllabus and awards bronze, silver and gold standards via internal examinations. The standards of difficulty and the rigor of training and examination processes vary widely across different studios - as do the steps taught.                             


Based on our experience working and training with various freestyle studios and instructors across Australia & internationally the DanceFix freestyle syllabus includes what we think are the best of the best steps in each of the 14 dances that we teach.


We have selected and tailored steps to ensure that they are practical to lead and follow, are flexible and can be danced on various sized dance floors and to various types of music. However, our syllabus still remains faithful to the traditional steps, personality, signature movements, styles and techniques generally associated with each of the dances.


There is a Beginner, Bronze, Intermediate, Silver, Advanced and Gold level of steps in each dance syllabus.


Structured Dance Programs


Students taking regular private lessons have a primary instructor. They tailor a personalized dance program around their student's abilities and interests. Each lesson is planned and students can take their program home to revise steps and review their instructor's comments.


Structured Short Courses


Students taking the short courses also enjoy a structured program. Each course builds on the last and follows the syllabus through each level of each dance.


Technique Workshops


Technique Workshops are special group classes which allow students to focus on the more technical aspects of social dancing. These skills apply to all dances and assist balance, floorcraft and partnership. They also give each dance its own style, personality and appearance.    Some of the things covered include weight placements, body positioning and movements, leading and following skills and difficult movements such as spins and turns. Technique workshops are offered periodically.