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About the Dances

For the Bridal Party & Parents
It's great to be able to get up and dance with the happy couple on their special day and not look and feel awkward. We can get you there in just a few lessons - no matter how many left feet you think you have.   


The bridal dance...


Once you know the song the bride and groom are using, we can pick the most suitable dance, and teach you a few basic freestyle steps to use to make you look good and feel comfortable on the dance floor.


The rest of the evening...


Once you know the type of music being played at the wedding, we can pick one or two suitable dances and teach you a few basic freestyle steps in each. You'll be dancing the night away in no time and be well prepared for future weddings and social events.


How many lessons do we need?


You only need around 3-4 lessons per dance to get reasonably comfortable with a few basic steps. You could take some of these lessons with the bridal couple or have private lessons of your own.


What's the cost?



  Single/Couple   $65 per hour or a 5 lesson package $300



  Small Group     $75 per hour or a 5 lesson package $350
  (3-4 people)


  Large Group     $15 per person per hour 
  (5 or more)


Where are lessons held?

We use various venues around Port Stephens & probably already use one near you! 

We can also come to you by special arrangement (see Dial-a-Dance-Instructor).