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Will you be shuffling around the dance floor looking and feeling awkward ?


Our bridal specialist can make you look good and feel comfortable in just a few lessons...


Why do we need a Bridal Dance Specialist?
The last thing you want is to discover on the day is that you can't use the steps you've been taught because of the size and shape of the dance floor, the style and cut of the dress or because your live music is different to the CD version you had been practicing to.


You will also want to avoid embarrassing or stressful mishaps such as: tripping over, standing on or tearing the dress, or falling out of the dress or shoes.    

A bridal dance specialist is aware of the many factors that need to be considered in planning your  bridal dance.  


We will will make it fun and easy for you.  


Our specialist will discuss the style and cut of the bride's dress and shoes as well as the music, dance floor and layout to ensure that the dance and steps chosen are practical, safe and comfortable.


We understand that you are very busy during this time and just want the dancing to look good without being too complicated, stressful or showy.


What music should we use?   


It doesn't hurt to have a few options. On your first lesson, your instructor can give you some advice on  which songs would be best in terms of speed, dance difficulty, the dress and dance floor.

If there is a special song that has meaning for the both of you - use that.
Don't worry if it sounds too fast or slow or is not a traditional waltz - your instructor will choose a dance that suits the music and make it work.

How does the Bridal Dance work?   

You have 3 options for structuring your Bridal Dance.
You can dance the whole song on your own and have a separate piece of music for everyone else to join in on.
You can dance part of the song on your own, do a dip or other ending partway through the song, and then have the music fade out, using a separate piece of music for everyone else to join in on.
You can dance part of the song on your own, do a dip or other ending partway through the song, and then have the bridal party/guests join you on the floor for the rest of the song.


Your instructor will discuss these options with you on your first lesson.



What will we learn?       


We teach you a few freestyle steps to get you around the floor.    

We focus on steps that are easy to do and look good.


To make your dance unique we can also choreograph a simple opening sequence and a nice dip or other ending. This is optional.


You may also want to consider learning a few steps in a different dance that you can use to dance away the rest of the evening - since your bridal dance is likely to be slow while the rest of your music is likely to be more upbeat.



Should we do private or group lessons? 


Private lessons are almost essential when preparing for a bridal dance because the unique characteristics of the music, dress and dance floor layout will determine which dance and which steps will be quickest, easiest and look the best.


How many lessons do we need?


We recommend 5 lessons to get you comfortable with the basics for your wedding dance.


If you want to learn a few moves in another dance as well, we would suggest adding another 3 lessons.


However, we will happily tailor a program around any number of lessons to suit your time and budget.
What do bridal lessons cost? 


Pay as you go lessons:    $65 per hour


Bridal Express Package:   $300 (5x1hr lessons including: consultation, 3-4 moves & choreography for the intro & ending as needed)


Contact us to book your consultation

Where are lessons held?       
We use various venues around Port Stephens and probably one near you!


We can also come to you by special arrangement.