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The Sunday Social is an informal afternoon of drinks, snacks and lots of latin dancing. We try to have one of these every couple of months for the DanceFix students to get together, say hi and have some casual dance practice. Occassionally its a popcorn and video afternoon watching one of our favourite dance movies.


There are also at least three Dance Parties each year. These are a great excuse to get dressed up, go out for dinner, drinks and lots of dancing. Sometimes these are BYO at the studio and sometimes they are more formal events held at other venues around the Bay. There is also often a dance performance by students which is also always great to watch!!

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Special workshops are held once a month at the studio.  On occassion these may include a guest instructor and focus on a particular dance.


A workshop series covering those aspects of body movement and footwork that make your dancing look and feel more comfortable and controlled and give each of the dances their unique personality and appearance. These workshops cover the d etails of how to turn, spin, pivot, spiral as well as achieve extensions, sway, contrabody movement, isolations, rise and fall and latin hip motion.


This workshop series covers those aspect of body movement, arm styling and fancy footwork that improve the appearance of your dancing and allow you to improvise and inject your own unique personality into your dancing. Body rolls and head movements are also included here.


This workshop series covers timing and musicality. It helps you learn to identify the beat in a piece of music and which dance is best suited to it. It also helps you understand how you can interpret the music and modify timing without compromising the core characteristics of the dance and without compromising your ability to lead or follow.


This workshop series covers the secrets of leading, following and moving well together as a team. Core following skills and the variety of hand, body and visual signals used in leading are reviewed and some fun exercises used to practice good partnership.

This workshop series covers a variety of lifts, drops, laybacks, rolls & leans that can be used in freestyle dancing as well as some special showmoves you would only use with your regular dance partner.