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What is LatinFit?   

LatinFit classes are for ladies only.

All the steps you learn can be danced with or without a partner and the session is great light exercise.

The classes teach you the basic rhythms and movements in each of the Latin dances and you get used to dancing to a variety of latin music.

This means you will also know what to expect when freestyle dancing with a partner in the future.

These sessions are also good for developing balance, coordination and confidence on the dance floor. 

As well as the basic steps in each of the dances, we work on technique and styling.


Technique makes your dancing look smoother, gives you better balance and give s each dance a unique look or personality. It involves learning where the weight should be held on your feet in different movements, how to use your knees and ankles and how to isolate different parts of your body to get that latin look - we call it 'cuban motion' . Overall it will make you a better follower and dancer.

Styling improves the appearance of your dancing and has a lot to do with learning how to move your arms and where to put them; where to look and how to improve your body movement and posture.

You also learn ' Shines' - fancy footwork and other body movements you can incorporate into your dancing to add your own personal flair.

How much do classes cost?    

One course block (1 class per week for 5 consecutive weeks) - $70 per person
Start in Week 1 or Week 6 of any Term & pay by direct deposit one week before your first class.
One course term (1 class per week for 10 consecutive weeks) - $130 per person
Start in Week 1 of any term & pay by direct deposit one week before your first class.

A casual rate of $18pp per class (payable at the start of the lesson) is also available.

When and where are the classes?

Check our course timetable for locations & start dates.


> call/text 0411 535 967 or

> email